Who? - The Melting Shop
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Vanessa Steeg

Hi there! I’m a product designer graduated in Caracas, Venezuela, where I am originally from. Currently living in Nice, France, I draw my creativity from the sea and sun of my environnement. I’ve worked in diverse design fields ranging from boat design at Artigiana Batelli to communication & graphic design at Sincor (a TOTAL affiliate). I currently work for McNeel, the developers of Rhino, as a techie and trainer as well as running The Melting Shop, where I focus on creating my own line of products and offer services such as training, prototyping & 3d digital content creation.

My true passion is digital manufacturing. I believe its true potential will start to shine as the 3d printing buzz will start to die. I believe in silly ideas with potential and like to explore the intrinsic value of design… to serve. I’m haunted by creation, I do it in spite of me and I am fascinated by how creativeness manages its way from the realm of the invisible into very tangible objects.

Whether it’s the creative in me or the technical, my work is knitted through a thorough process of method, order and ergonomics to materialise the intangible in a coherent way.

I mustn’t leave without saying that I was brought up between the States and Venezuela with an interesting ethnical mix that covers native Venezuelan indians to Norweigians. Multiculturalism is my amniotic liquid.

If you have any questions, please, be my guest…

vanessa [at] mcneel [dot] com
+33 622714185